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Buying or selling a home, apartment or commercial property may be the biggest single transaction of your lifetime. Your life’s savings may be invested in this one venture.
Purchase & Sale Agreement

Commonly referred to as “the contract,” few people realize that this document is the most important step in a real estate transaction. The details of this agreement finalize the terms of your purchase or sale. The law requires that you be treated as if you have read every word of the contract before you signed it. The best time to retain an attorney is always before the contract is signed.

Property Closings

Closing a real estate sale is a technical and complex procedure. The careful drafting of papers to carry out the actual intent of the parties is part of the job. Meeting the technical title requirements is another step. In addition, the proper signing and acknowledgement of the documents is highly supervised. Recording and delivery of the documents are usually the last steps.

Real Estate Law

Closer Look

It is extremely important that you use the greatest caution throughout this process. For your protection, you should always hire an established real estate lawyer. The lawyer’s training and experience will help you avoid troubles and save you both time and money.

Many people do not realize that in the state of Florida non-attorney operated title insurance companies are permitted to perform real estate transaction closings for buyers. Please be warned that non-attorney operated title insurance companies cannot represent you or provide any legal advice. In the event a legal problem arises during your transaction, you will be forced to hire a licensed Florida attorney to represent you.

Green and Kahn P.L., for almost 50 years, has offered both legal representation as well as providing our clients the highest quality title insurance. Not all lawyers have experience in handling real estate transactions. You can be sure to count on our experience and reputation when navigating this very important process.

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